Harley Quinn (Unfinished)

Harley Quinn (Unfinished)

First attempt at paper art. Creating a gallery of pieces for a future apartment. Simply creating things I love.



So I guess I forgot to pay attention to this thing. This is the norm. I pick something up and put it down. Today I decided to spread a little cheer with a new project I’m working on. Since the people on Facebook are probably ready to punch me in the face with all my “progress” posts. I thought of you, dear blog, and figured I’d return to a place where it was always only about my artwork. So since I am not working on pieces for others (since they never pay *cough, cough*), I’ve decided to strictly stick to things I enjoy. Thanks for viewing.

Oh yeah, I finished Cleopatra ages ago. Will post also.




Not too long ago, I completed Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff. I thoroughly enjoyed the fascinating and enormous life of Cleopatra VII. An early feminist, a modern woman of her time, and an overall powerful being. I was an awe and obviously it inspired me. The photo is of poor quality, but you can see where I’m headed.


I often subject to apologies when I feel I’ve done something punishable. Sounds normal, right? Until you realize I’m apologizing out of guilt and the thought that maybe YOU thought I did something wrong. This, my friends, has nothing to do with morality and everything to do with being overtly self-conscience. No one thinks I am that person. Hell, it shocks me even. It only baffles me because in so many aspects of my personality, that one trait does not fit.

This blog was set out to ease my anxiety. When I have something to draw, I zone out. I release. Exhale. Therefore, I need to do this. I NEED TO. I’ve ran out of excuses of why I don’t, haven’t or procrastinated. This has to be a bigger priority.

I was going to apologize for not posting anything but…

To put a smirk on my face, anyone passing through, reading this post and care enough to do so…simple comment: DRAW!